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Eight years…


Today we celebrate our life together. Eight happy years. We loved each other that day we promised “till death do us part”. We still love each other, in a more mature, deeply rooted, kinda way. In a way that has been though the bumps of life together and survived. BIG bumps and little bumps. Some that jolted us and some that we rode through with ease. The day Joe asked me to marry him, we can upon a bumpy spot in the road and he looked at me and said, ” We will go through all life’s bumps together.”  At that moment, it was so thrilling to hear him say that! Just the thought of sharing life together. He still says that to me and it still thrills me. It has been 8 happy years!! And I look forward to MANY more! I want to grow old with you, Dear!


An average or awesome marriage?

holy experience

After reading Ann's post today, I sat down to write 10 things I love about MY man!!

He is an awesome husband
He's a super dad
He is dedicated
He can do most anything (shhhh, don't tell anyone else, he's busy enough)
He's got the most heartwarming smile and beautiful blue eyes
He is a manly man
He has vision and purpose
He is dependable
He isn't easily angered
He is an encourager

I don't want to settle for the average marriage. Ours will be outstanding!
Thanks Ann!