Anyone ever heard of GOOT?

I found the recipe yesterday and made a batch. I have used it before and know that it works. You can find a thread of discussion about it on the Well Tell Me forum. There you will read of other people’s experience and what worked for them and different ways of making it.

I just used what I had, which was regular(not extra virgin) olive oil, regular(not extra virgin) coconut oil, and organic garlic cloves. I used about 1/4 cup of each of the oils and one whole bulb of garlic. I have a mini food processor so I put everything together in there and blended it up. Then I stained it in my mesh stainer (I happened to be making tomato sauce at the time so I put the garlic in there after staining to get the best use of it), put it in a jar and labeled it.

After baths last night I rubbed it on all the little feet. I am hoping to prevent flu bugs this year, as much as I can, anyway!

Disclaimer: My whole house smells like garlic this morning! 🙂

Here is a detailed link on Dance and Be Glad, complete with pictures.

Another variation, and she renamed it GOCO.

To your health… and healing…