My cucumbers are yielding well this year and I have been making pickles. Most people really dislike soggy pickles as I do. These are my favorite, maybe because my mom made these alot, but also, they stay crispy.  The extra work is worth the crispy outcome. Although I don’t think they are alot of extra work.

Lime Pickles

8 pound cucumbers (washed and cut into 1/4 inch rings)

2 gallons of water

2 cups lime

Put cucumbers in a large, clean pail or pot. (not aluminum)

Mix the lime and water. Pour over cucumbers.

Lay a glass plate on the top of the liquid to hold the cucumbers down in the water.

Soak for 24 hours.

Rinse 3 times in cold water. It is important to get all of the lime out.

1 1/2 quart vinegar (I use white)

4 1/2 pounds of sugar

1 Tbsp. Salt

1 Tbsp. Pickling spice

Mix together well, and pour over washed cucumbers.

Soak for 24 hours with the plate on top of the cucumber as before.

Then boil, cucumbers and brine together, for 30 min or until cucumbers turn translucent.

Put into hot jars and hot water bath for 10 minutes.