My title is MOMMY!!

I think it’s time I do some introducing. Since much of my time is dancing to the tune of these people, I should tell you a little about them. I love being a mom and even on the days when I am dancing off – beat,  I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Angel Baby

I don’t have a picture of her to post on here, but her name is Jacinda Belle. She is our Angel Baby, born and died the same day. She was our first and I think she had brown eyes, like her mommy. Because of her, God gave me my motherhood instincts or awoke the ones that were lying buried deep inside.

The brown eyed boy
The brown-eyed boy

Brown-Eyed Boy is man of the house when Daddy’s away and he wears his title proudly. Already at five years old, we see him exercising the manly instinct to protect and guard the females in his life. It’s incredible to watch him warn his sister of danger and help her when she’s in trouble if we’re not close by to do it. His methodical ways sometimes test our patience but when he understands how something is done or works, he doesn’t forget easily. He is a willing worker and has a ready mind, filling it with all the knowledge he can. He is starting to learn to read and he is excited about it. His sister keeps him motivated and his caution keeps her from teetering on the bank of danger, so they make a great pair.

The blue-eyed girl
She is our heart stealer, passionate about everything, determined to accomplish what her big brother does and some besides. Three years old and she’s full of thoughts and ideas, spitting them out at random, leaving us to wonder where that came from. It takes an awareness of the female wiles to keep from being manipulated by her but also a lot of direction to channel her passion in the right direction. She has no qualms about being an all out country girl. Her doll goes with her almost everywhere she goes. She watches closely and practices her mothering skills on her doll.
The blue-eyed boy
Blue-Eyed Boy been aggressive from the start. Never misses a meal. Keeps tabs on where he is and who has him. He has opinions that he’s not afraid to voice, and he loves the attention his siblings and parents shower him with. At 5 ½  months he has 2 teeth, eats real food, gets around where he wants to go (by either half crawling or scooting), and keeps us entertained and busy. He’s a happy lil guy most of the time, especially when his tummy is full.